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Flight Times

Arrive ON TIME at the Monterey Regional Airport


It is extremely important that passengers arrive AT THE TICKET COUNTER for check-in NO LESS THAN ONE HOUR prior to the departure time printed on your ticket. You are expected to be cleared through security and at the boarding gate ready to board 30 minutes prior to your departure time.  The departure time is the time your plane is scheduled to take off from the runway.  Passengers should be boarded and seated in order for an on time departure.  


It's more convenient than Bay Area airports that require you to arrive at the ticket counter no less than 1 1/2 - 2 hours before your departure time.  

Please click here to download our current flight schedule.


Upcoming Flights


Flight Carrier Scheduled Estimated Gate To Remark
5139 UA 02:05 PM 03:33 PM 5 Los Angeles Delayed
5862 AA 04:15 PM 2 Phoenix On Time
5054 UA 05:50 PM 5 Los Angeles On Time
2976 AA 07:20 PM 2 Phoenix On Time
5126 UA 08:49 PM 5 Los Angeles On Time
5316 UA 05:50 AM 5 San Francisco On Time
5052 UA 06:00 AM 5 Los Angeles On Time
5870 AA 06:05 AM 2 Phoenix


Flight Carrier Scheduled Estimated Bag Claim From Remark
5166 UA 01:35 PM 03:14 PM 1 Los Angeles Delayed
5862 AA 03:36 PM 03:11 PM 1 Phoenix Landed
5037 UA 05:20 PM 05:48 PM 1 Los Angeles Delayed
2901 AA 06:48 PM 1 Phoenix On Time
5023 UA 08:07 PM 1 Los Angeles On Time
2436 AS 08:19 PM 1 San Diego On Time
5856 AA 09:59 PM 1 Phoenix On Time
5850 UA 11:29 PM 1 San Francisco On Time
Last Updated: 03:17 PM

Non-stop Flights:

SFO - San Francisco, CA (United Airlines) 
LAX - Los Angeles, CA (Alaska Airlines/United Express)
PHX - Phoenix, AZ (American Airlines)
LAS - Las Vegas, NV (Allegiant Air)
SAN - San Diego (Alaska Airlines) 


Airport Status



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Terminal Hours

Opens 4:00 AM until arrival of last flight, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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